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How to recover RAW SD Card partitions

How to recover RAW SD Card partitions

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How to recover RAW SD Card partitions

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  • SD card is one of the most common data storage devices. It'sIt's often used to store photos, video, audio, and other important data. However, the data on the SD card will be lost due to mistakenly deleted, formatted, RAW partition, and other reasons. How to do when encountered SD card data loss?
    Be sure to back up your data before re-partition your SD card! Beginners are better off not messing around.
    The general method of use is:
    Delete the original partition before you can re-partition it.
    After partition also needs to format, finally click on the top-left corner of the software green tick then the software will start to operate automatically.
    The main purpose of SD card partitioning is to install applications on the SD card to solve the inconvenience caused by insufficient memory of the machine itself and to improve the stability and speed of the system, also known as APP2SD.
    Working principle of APP2SD:
    Take the 4G SD card as an example; we can divide the 4G card into three partitions. FAT32 partition is your normal storage partition for music and pictures. The swap partition is the system cache. The bigger the Swap partition is, the faster the system will run, but it will not exceed 96MB (because Swap partition has an impact on the life of SD card). There is also an Ext4 partition, which is used to install the software you installed on the SD card. And not occupying the memory of the phone, thus improving the stability and speed of the system better.
    The three partitions are:
    (1) Fat32 primary partition: ordinary SD card space for file storage;
    (2) Ext4 primary partition: used for APP2SD. The application is installed into the SD card instead of the memory of the phone, and ROM is automatically completed;
    (3) Swap main partition: used to solve the problem of insufficient memory in the system, the system automatically calls this partition.
    If you have backed up SD card data before this, you can quickly recover it from the backup, or use professional data recovery software to retrieve SD card data.
    The friends who are expert in using a mobile phone are not unfamiliar with the concept of ""SD card partition" ". However, there are some friends, find that the use of mobile phones becomes not convenient after SD card partition. They want to recover partition, but do not know how to operate. Today, I will help you solve this problem.
    After SD card partition, we can install the application into the path of SD card, which not only solves the problem of insufficient memory in the system, but also makes the mobile phone run faster and more stable. However, SD card partition also has its limitations;  The SD card has certain requirements (card speed general requirements in 4C and above) to the partition of quality. Otherwise, the mobile phone will pop up the inexplicable FC pop-up box, and more energy consumption of the mobile phone. Thus, so many users arise the necessity of recovery the SD card partition. So how to cancel SD card partition? I summed up the following two methods for you.
    The first method is the one you can choose in general. The steps are as follows: First, plug the SD card into the card reader and connect the card reader to the USB port of the computer. Second, open "my computer" on the computer, and select the disk symbol which is corresponding to the SD card, right-click it and choose " format FAT32".  After waiting for a while, open the "control panel",  select "management tools" - "computer management" successively, and choose"disk management" in the left column of this interface, and find the partition corresponding to SD card, right-click and select "delete disk partition". At this time, the partition of the SD card has been deleted successfully, but the SD card still cannot be used, we should also right-click the unassigned external disk corresponding to the SD card, and select the option of "new disk partition".
    The second method is to format the SD card directly, but it is not recommended in general. There are many ways to format the SD card. Users can find "storage" - "format memory card" in the "Settings" of the phone. You can connect your phone to your computer and format the SD card in "my computer." You can also download the third party mobile assistant software, through the file management function in it to format the SD card.
    The course of "how to clear SD card partition" ended here, hope it can help you. In fact, the SD card partition is very useful, but it is recommended that you partition the storage space has better not exceed 1.5GB, or you will encounter some problems when using. And if, after the SD card partition, it caused trouble to your use, you can delete the SD card partition according to the above course.

How to recover RAW SD Card partitions

  • 1 Choose recover mode undeleted ,formatted,lost partition or other for files
  • 2 Select the device where the missing file is located. If it is an external device, please connect the external device. if you are using a mobile phone, please debug to the developer mode and click the Next button.
  • 3 Check the type of file to be restored
  • 4 Select the storage location for the restored files and click the button
  • 5 Click the "startrecover" button to start recovering the lost files
  • 6 AVI file recovery is complete, You can find the lost file in the saved directory location
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