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How to recover lost data from the canon storage SD card

How to recover lost data from the canon storage SD card

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I believe that those who have used Canon camera or mobile phone with SD card have encountered this kind of thing, that is, the SD card is damaged, and the crucial data inside do not know how to recover. Although this kind of problem is scarce, once the occurrence of anxiety, then encounter this kind of situation how should we restore the file in the storage card, next, small makeup to tell you how to reset the storage card data.


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How to recover lost data from the canon storage SD card

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  • The video recorded by Canon cameras, whether DSLR, micro single ,card machine, such as 5D3, 6D, 70D, 600D, 650D so on, is video in MOV format.

    First, we need to format the damaged SD card, and then use the recovery software to restore the formatted files.
    Canon 5D3 was formatted, and the camera used SONY 64 GB SD card. After formatting, the card was taken out immediately, and no further use was carried out. The computer showed the following attributes:
    Data recovery software can not find any video, need to make the underlying data recovery. Remote inspection of the underlying data on the card shows that the data is not all 00 or FF, or displays the standard data code, but why can't you find any video? Therefore, I used Canon MOV data reorganization technology to conduct a data search, but I could not find any valid data. Did you get the wrong card? Reconfirm the situation, only this card; there will be no mistake
    Canon MOV video has a massive difference between storage on memory card and storage on a hard disk. Canon MOV format stored in fragments on the SD card. Recovery after loss is different from healing on the hard drive.
    It is missing if the universal superclass recovery software has recovered the MOV format files, the size is standard, but can not play properly. The reason for the failure of recovery is that the MOV video data of the Canon single-board camera saved in the memory card in the form of file fragments. Formatting will cause damage to the fragment information in the map. Ordinary data software cannot do anything about such pieces, so the restored video cannot be played.
    Does that mean that video is unrecoverable, completely broken? The answer is no. For the MOV video data of Canon camera, the fragments of video can be started. As long as the pieces of each file are successfully found and combined, Canon MOV video can be recovered perfectly
    Canon released new models of cameras from 2017, such as 5D4, 6D2, 7D2, 80D, 750D, 760D, basically recording video format is MP4 video.
    Canon MP4 video is very different from the previous Canon MOV video in terms of storage. The fragmentation of Canon MP4 format is complicated, formatted, or deleted, and recovery after loss is more complicated.
    If the recovery fails using the universal superclass recovery software, does it mean that video cannot be recovered and is completely damaged?  it is not.
    The recovery of Canon MP4 video can be effectively recovered by fragmentation recombination. This fragmentation is more time-consuming and tests the skill level of recovery.
    First, understand the camera format of the camera card.
    1, general JPG file format.
    The RAW format can be modified later, some software cannot be recovered, and the extension of the RAW format is different for every camera of different brands, such as Nikon's NEF, Canon's CR2 and SONY's ARW.
    1, since most mobile phones usually save photos in the SD card DCIM or Camera directory, we can use relevant recovery software to achieve recovery operations. Accordingly, we can adopt the following methods to restore photos deleted by mistake.
    Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable and turn on the "USB storage device" switch or "mass storage device" in your phone. Usually, you can find the "USB storage device" switch by pulling down the notification bar. Of course, we can also use the card reader to connect the SD card to the computer.
    When the phone's "USB storage device" switch is turned on, the SD card of the phone is found on my computer
    Select the restore function of "deleted files by mistake", then it will automatically scan all deleted files in the phone and list them. When the "scan results" interface, as shown in the figure pops up, check the folder you want to restore, and click the "next" button to
    complete the recovery operation of deleted files automatically.

How to recover lost data from the canon storage SD card

  • 1 Choose recover mode undeleted ,formatted,lost partition or other for files
  • 2 Select the device where the missing file is located. If it is an external device, please connect the external device. if you are using a mobile phone, please debug to the developer mode and click the Next button.
  • 3 Check the type of file to be restored
  • 4 Select the storage location for the restored files and click the button
  • 5 Click the "startrecover" button to start recovering the lost files
  • 6 AVI file recovery is complete, You can find the lost file in the saved directory location
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