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How to retrieve lost Seagate data after deleted formatted

How to retrieve lost Seagate data after deleted formatted

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What is Seagate File Recovery?
In short, it is Seagate's own recovery software for retrieving data that is erased or lost from an external hard drive. The software comes in PC and version, both without risk. Seagate claims that it can recover all types of data that have been deleted, formatted, inaccessible or lost for various reasons, such as documents, photos, videos, emails, files, and more.


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How to retrieve lost Seagate data after deleted formatted

Features : How to retrieve lost Seagate data after deleted formatted

  • You try to access a file on a Seagate external drive, connect the drive to your computer, open it to access the file, and guess
     nothing happens. Oh no! Obviously, your Seagate drive is not working.

    Because the files stored in them are significant to you, they often cause panic.

    Fortunately, there is a way to rescue a file before calling the Data Recovery Center to get the service - you may already know it is very expensive.

    How about Seagate's own data recovery software? Seagate does offer this type of software to our users; it is not without its drawbacks. Fortunately, there are other good options.

    The trial version is free, but if you want to save the file, you need to purchase to get the registration code to activate the software. This is our comment on the software:

    It offers a free trial version that lets you search and preview certain types of files.
    It supports recovery of a good list of file formats.

    Not convenient to get. You must fill out a long form and provide your personal information (tip: privacy, privacy...).
    We didn't find the deep scan feature, so it tends to find fewer recoverable files.
    Not easy to use, the software user interface (UI) is old fashioned.
    The price is much higher than many other options. Windows or version requires $99 to purchase.
    The best choice for Seagate File Recovery for Windows PC
    We recommend Windows Data Recovery for two main reasons. First, even if you have deleted or lost some partitions on your Seagate drive, it can use its deep and complex scanning algorithms to find and recover more data. Second, it supports recovery from large hard drives over 2TB. In addition, it is more user friendly.

    What if Seagate Data Recovery software does not work?
    It may be because the Seagate device has suffered physical/water damage, or the file has been partially/all covered, so no software can recover your data. In this case, your last choice is to send the device to the data recovery center in the lab.

    Fortunately, Seagate offers such services to its customers, and we strongly recommend that you work with them first. Check out the diagnostic reports or recommendations they will give you and then assess whether it is worth the price. In addition, there are many professional third-party data recovery companies. We recommend that you do your own information before sending your device to any remote center.

    Data loss on Seagate hard drives is everywhere. Whether you've formatted the drive incorrectly, deleted some of the items, or the device crashed, you can usually use the recovery program to recover the data. If you still can't solve the problem, pick up the phone and call the data recovery service, this is usually your last choice.

How To Use : How to retrieve lost Seagate data after deleted formatted

  • Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the program to retrieve Seagate data:

    First connect the Seagate drive to your Windows PC.
    Get Windows Data Recovery and install it on your computer.
    Open the software, click Drive Recovery, select your Seagate disk drive, and click Scan Now to continue.
    Wait for the scanning process to complete. It may take a few hours to drink coffee.
    Preview and restore your files.
    The best alternative to Seagate file recovery
    You can try data recovery - our satisfaction with the software is that it allows you to scan your Seagate drive at any time using the "Save Scan" and "Recovery Recovery" features. In addition, it has multiple recovery modes (as shown in the screenshot below) to help maximize data recovery.

    Here's a step-by-step guide to using this app:

    Plug your Seagate drive into your hard drive.
    Get Data Recovery for and follow the instructions to install it on your body.
    Open the software and you will see "Mode". Follow the instructions to quickly scan your Seagate drive.
    If you can't find many items, switch to "Standard Mode", where you will see four sub-modes and then try "Original File Recovery" for a more in-depth scan.
    Preview and restore the found items.
    Expert Tip: Remember to save the scan at any time. You can always use Recovery Recovery to load a previous scan.

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