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Recover deleted files from seagate external hard drive

Recover deleted files from seagate external hard drive

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If you want to recover  lost or deleted word document excel office video photo  files from seagate external hard drive.
I have a similar problem because my work has some statistical work so some EXCEL forms are often used. There is a statistical table of daily subordinate work that needs to be updated and used every day and I usually work in the company for two to three days a week and I work at home the rest of the time. Before I used a 320G Seagate mobile hard disk (USB 3.0 interface) and the home machine is USB 3.0 the company's computer is 2.0 and it's not bad at ordinary times.


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Recover deleted files from seagate external hard drive

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  • Seagate external hard drive deleted files recovery  software download         
    But once I saved the form after the company's work was completed, and I clicked and pulled out the hard disk safely, and then I shut down the computer. I took the hard drive home and connected it to the computer at home. I found that the commonly used Excel table was missing, and other tables that were not used very much were still there. Later, I put the form on the computer's own hard drive, and put it on the computer's own hard drive after every day's work. The form will be sent to the Dingding, and the next day after arriving at the company, the Dingding will be opened to download the new form.
          Recently, I bought another Seagate 1T mobile hard drive. After two days of using it, this problem appears again. I can't find the reason. I have to take the previous method again, and the mobile hard disk is only used to save the email. Because the company's email capacity is only 5G, a lot of data in work are received and sent by email every day, and will soon be full. It's depressing~
          In addition, this has not happened to two 4T Seagate mobile hard drives with some dash cam video files.            
    Recently, my two Seagate mobile hard drives always lost data inexplicably. When the files were saved in the computer, they were still in good condition and could be opened. Then shut down the power and unplug it. I usually form this good habit. Then I went back home to open it and found that all the files that had just been saved in the company were missing, and one or two files were damaged. I was confused for a while. Later, I used WIN10's own tool to scan and repair the missing files. All the missing files came back, and the damaged files suddenly disappeared. It's strange! Is this the problem of the mobile hard drive itself? My model is a BACKUP SILM1TB. One is that of Seagate Expansion Drive. how to recover deleted files from seagate external hard drive free?

    I once saved it in the company and tried it on other computers in the company. Nothing happened. Then I thought there was something wrong with the computer at home. Specifically, I opened another computer at home and saved the files on Seagate drive. After connecting another new computer at home, nothing happened, It's strange What's wrong?
    Data of Seagate mobile hard drive disappears for no reason
    Today, the computer seagate 2 tb external hard drive data recovery   suddenly prompts that the system file is abnormal. Then, it's about within ten seconds. I wanted to search for the cause of the abnormal file, but I didn't expect that the computer suddenly shuts down. I can't start it again. What should I do? I'm a little depressed! Because computers are involved in work, I had to repair it at the first time, so I took it to the repair shop. After the clerk checked it, he told me that the hard disk of the computer was broken. Of course, it can be repaired, but the files in it can't be saved. I was confused at that time. I was sweating. I didn't really back up the files in it. How serious was the problem? Is there really no way to solve it?
    So I asked myself whether I wanted to repair it or not, and at the same time I searched it on the Internet. Because this kind of repair shop is really a trap . Maybe it's not a big problem, and they will tell you it's a big problem.

    So, I want to confirm it first. Unexpectedly, after checking it, it's really a very difficult problem to solve. how to recover data from seagate external hard disk which is not detecting?

    Of course, my final decision is to fix it. Otherwise, my whole computer is useless! But what about the files inside ? They just disappear without any reason, OK?
    Recently, I'm really in the mood to change my computer. What's the matter? My former right-hand man is also old. He can't move but bring me a crash and make trouble. This time, it will not be opened again after the sudden crash, and the files obtained on the desktop will be lost. There is no recycle bin. I really don't know what to do. This document is still in the middle of tomorrow's meeting. It's too late to write it again. Besides, there's a lot of important data in it. It can't be written again. I can't help but turn to the omnipotent Du Niang.
    In the process of looking for data recovery software, a variety of useful and useless piles, but the seagate 2 tb external hard drive data recovery software came into my sight, and then I searched according to this keyword. I came out with some good software, but many of them are in English. At last, I chose Chinese software, Quick File Recovery data recovery software. I haven't used this kind of software before, but I still need to understand it.
     Quick seagate 1 tb external hard drive data recovery software supports all kinds of Seagate storage devices, including U drive, SD card, etc.
    Here, we should remind you that after data loss, do not install the data recovery software in the source file drive of the data, so as to avoid complete data damage and hard to retrieve

Recover deleted files from seagate external hard drive

  • 1 Choose recover mode undeleted ,formatted,lost partition or other for files
  • 2 Select the device where the missing file is located. If it is an external device, please connect the external device. if you are using a mobile phone, please debug to the developer mode and click the Next button.
  • 3 Check the type of file to be restored
  • 4 Select the storage location for the restored files and click the button
  • 5 Click the "startrecover" button to start recovering the lost files
  • 6 AVI file recovery is complete, You can find the lost file in the saved directory location
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