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Recover lost deleted word excel documents after power outage

Recover lost deleted word excel documents after power outage

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In the process of using the computer, the power failure often occurs. When the computer is shut down, it is likely that some important files we are editing will be lost along with the shut down. In such a situation, I tried to find every corner of the computer without any trace of documents. Is there really no way to find the documents?


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Recover lost deleted word excel documents after power outage

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  • How to recover lost files caused by power failure

    Generally speaking, as long as the computer is not lost due to physical damage, it can be recovered. It is recommended that you use data recovery software to recover the lost data.
     I work in a travel company, not a front-line staff, but the kind of backbone of the company responsible for business planning for the company. Recently, the competitiveness of the Asian market is very strong. The director gave the planning report of this region to my team. What a piece of fat!
    It is important to know that in Asia, with the transformation of tourism consumption demand level, leisure vacation has become a new tourism fashion. Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries with rich coastal resources are competing to launch a variety of leisure vacation products such as holiday leisure, weekend vacation, tourism vacation, conference leisure, sports and health leisure. We were so busy that we lost the power chain in the office.
    When we were making a report, we suddenly lost power. I guess it was a trip. It will be fixed in a moment. But when I turn on the computer, a lot of hard disk files are gone. I guess it is the right reason for the sudden power failure. I asked my colleagues, some of them also encountered this problem. What can I do now? The hard-working documents are gone? Several people sat there for a long time to discuss, and finally decided to use the hot data recovery software on the Internet to try, maybe they can find it back.
       It turned out to be a great effort to get all our documents back. It is great. It not only reduced our workload, but also was praised by the leaders. It was a real problem that many people had encountered, but they did not find a solution.
    It is sunny day by day, and the temperature is getting higher and higher. It is going to be a hard day for frequent blackouts. In our small county, power failure is a common thing. In summer, power failure is even more common. There is no way. The line is aging, and the collective change will cost a lot of money, the old public house. s house. Be careful with your computer. We should not only worry about hot weather, but also about rainy days. In the first few thousand years, there was a sudden power failure due to the strong wind, which also caused some problems in my computer. Suddenly shut down, resulting in the loss of files, which can be depressed. Wait for electricity to come back, I look up by using Baidu engine, which shows that file recovery software can find back.
    In this way, I chose a file recovery software to download to my own computer. After installation, I deleted the files on the computer desktop in the way of delete + Shift permanent deletion. After a while, I opened the Xiaoniu file recovery software just downloaded to the computer. According to the guidance, I chose the desktop where the files were deleted, that is, Disk C to search for the deleted files, The master of hard disk data recovery started the "search and rescue" of files. Because it was only an experimental recovery, it was very easy. He made a cup of coffee beside the file and slowly enjoyed the process. After scanning for a while, he really found that the file I just deleted was displayed in that interface. I chose the file and clicked recover, but I did not expect to restore the file come back.
    After this experiment, I thoroughly convinced these research studios. As long as I gave them some time, they would return a miracle to us. Who would have thought that the deleted files, even the permanently deleted files, could be recovered? It is said that it is hard to recover. But with Xiaoniu’s document recovery software, it can be recovered in the field of computer. From then on, my necessary software in the computer is this maverick file recovery software. It allows me to process the files I don’t want without thinking. When I regret it, I can still find them back

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