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How to recover photos file after computer shutdown

How to recover photos file after computer shutdown

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How to recover photos images file after computer shutdown in windows 7/10/8
When we use the computer for a long time, there will always be a program which have no  response for a long tine,makes it difficult to continue to use the computer, a lot of work has not been done, the people whose time is short will sometimes choose to forcibly shut down.


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How to recover photos file after computer shutdown

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  •  However, there are a lot of times forced shutdown not only hurt the computer, affect the service life of the computer, will also cause the loss of files, let the user worried. Now, i will tell you how to close a program which did not respond for a long time , and what to do when you forced shutdown the windows 7 computer.
    First,let me tell you something to do with the program have no response  for a long time :

    How do i recover a lost pictures after unexpected shutdown

      Step 1, quickly close the no response program -- enter "start → run" frame, open "registry editor", and create a new string number of Waittokillapptimeout under hkey-current-user, setting its key number to 1000(ms) or less.
      Step 2, allow forced shutdown -- enter heky-users \.DEFAULT\Control Panel \desktop, create a string "AutoEndTask" and set its key number to "1". As for crash, you can only press the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination twice or press Reset on the main case (the former is preferred because it consumes less resources) to restart.
       Step 3: automatic restart when the System crashes -- enter the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System \CurrentControlSet\Control\CrashControl major key, change "AutoReboot" in the right window and change its key number to "1".
    Photos loss
    Forced shutdown: forced shutdown is when the computer normal operation then directly press the power button to shut down the computer, this behavior called forced shutdown. The consequence of this kind of thing is very serious. There is so many situations that you can't use your computer after you forced shutdown it,why ? In fact, the reason is the forced shutdown caused the hardware failure.I had tested it, after a number of switch machine test motherboard hardware and power hardware and mechanical hard disk is the very easy to burn. If you want to give the three easily broken hardware damage probability ranking, the first is certainly the mechanical hard disk, the second is the power hardware, the third is the motherboard hardware.
    Repeated switching causes damage to the hard disk, motherboard and power supply
    Recover photo files in word 2017 unexpected shutdown from windows 10 8 7
    Mechanical hard disk: mechanical hard disk is the use of traditional mechanical read and write load, forced shutdown is equal to the hard disk power supply suddenly terminated, hard disk head is searching when you suddenly shut down the power will lead to the head can not effectively return to the position and so on and damage. Although now everyone is using solid state drive, not a solid state drive is afraid of power failure, in fact, solid state drive is also afraid of power failure , take the simplest example is U disk,you know U disk? Continuous plug and unplug also for the continuous power off, this will cause damage. Second is the power hardware and motherboard hardware, notebook computer repeated forced shutdown motherboard, the bad probability is very big, of course, the motherboard contains too much hardware, here we collectively refer to motherboard failure. Many times forced shutdown and open the intermediate reaction time is very short will cause the instantaneous current shock is too large, which will burn the power supply and motherboard.
    Don't try it.
    Therefore, many times, repeated forced switch computer hardware is very easy to damage, please establish the correct use of computer habits, please go to the desktop to switch off. forced switching does not only no good to the hardware,but also cause the system file loss and damage.Forced switches cause the system to crash.
    In this way, the lost files can be recovered by following the following steps.I suggest that you better backup.Then there is no need to worry about the sudden situation.Hope these advise can be useful.
    1, install a file recovery software, installation address is in tools/raw material bar.
    2. Open the file recovery software
    3, select the lost file hard disk, such as disk c, select and click next.
    4, enter the hard disk scanning phase, if found that the lost data has been scanned, you can "interrupt scanning".
    5, choose to restore the file, before the selection you must preview the file, to see whether it is the file you need.
    6, select the restore file directory. In this way, the lost files can be recovered after the forced shutdown.

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