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How to recover word file after computer shutdown

How to recover word file after computer shutdown

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How to recover word document files after an unexpected computer shutdown from windows 7 10 8


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How to recover word file after computer shutdown

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    First, unfortunately, it's not the end of the world.


    1.In the first case, word file will automatically generate a hidden file to store temporary information if it is not saved on the windows 7 10 8 XP computer. If word file is closed abnormally, it will be loaded if you reopen it.This means that the information will not be lost, but it is not guaranteed to be full.

    2.If the first scenario doesn't work, try this:

    When computer crashes or suddenly outages, in Word to archive files, it will be temporarily stored in C: / WINDowS/ApplicationData/Microsoft Word, so when you  reboot the computer, as long as to the place we mentioned, and find a file called XXX.Doc,and here is the file  you have just worked so hard! Then change the sub-file name to XXX. Doc, this will find just hard to type the file!

    Or use start run search %appdata% Microsoft Word;

    In the open directory, find the XXX. Asd "save document" file with the same name as the unsaved document; Rename it to XXX. Doc document file, then open it to maximize the recovery of unsaved documents.

    If there's no recovery here, there's no way out.

    3. When the word document is forced to shut down before it is saved, the processed word document cannot be restored. Because the desktop document that did not pass saving, still did not leave a trace on hard disk, so cannot restore.

    4.This is a forced shutdown of the board. Must pay attention to the mandatory shutdown must save all open file procedures, otherwise are unable to reply.

    5.Some systems will be prompted before the mandatory shutdown, if you do not pay attention to the prompt, that is to say, can't be save when the computer is shut down, then it is a failure. The system will not save automatically. Some systems will save the file without the administrator's consent, this kind of system behavior is rare.

    6.Actually,you can use WPS or other software to produce a file or something.Because there is a option to regain the lost file when you use those kind of softwares.

    7.First, open the C disk right click property. Then in the pop-up dialog box to select view, the hidden before the box are removed, and then see the hidden file out. Then find the Microsoft word file on the C drive. Copy the file you found to the desktop of your computer and rename it. You can either change the suffix asd to doc or open it and save it as word. Finally, the word document is restored.

    8.After opening the word document, a ~$symbol hidden file appears on the desktop. This is the backup file of word. The purpose is to prevent the file loss caused by abnormal shutdown (such as power failure). of course, if there is an abnormal exit WORD document, the file will work, open the document again, you can return to the document records when the information, you can look on your computer.Notice that may be  hidden file.


    Advice: how do i recover a lost document after unexpected shutdown

    Keep the word document in normal time, and the method is as follows:

    1.Enter the word file;

    2.Click the "tools" menu and pull down to the "option" click;

    3.Select "save" click;

    4.Select "automatically save the time interval, click the front frame, and appear in the box.

    5.Click the arrow next to the right "minute" in the right side of the line, which is the number 1.In this way, word is automatically stored every minute, and if it is refailing, it will only lose the words that are entered within a minute before the power outage.

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