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How to fix error code 0x00000050 in windows 10 7 8

How to fix error code 0x00000050 in windows 10 7 8

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Computer blue screen code 0x00000050 windows 10
Blue screen is the highest level of error in Windows system. When general user encountered such error, the current works will not be able to be saved, only can restart the computer. Not only all efforts wasted, sometimes do not know how to solve. So, It is conceivable that how annoying is by blue screen. Bellow, I prepared solution graphics and text for computer error with blue screen code 0x00000050.


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How to fix error code 0x00000050 in windows 10 7 8

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  • In the process of using the computer, encountered the problem of blue screen, especially for those who were playing Battlegrounds, their mood was really gloomy. the general solution to the problem does not work. We want to solve the problem, need to find the blue screen code to get the root of the problem to solve the problem. Below, I’ll share the solution when blue screen with code stop 0x00000050 windows 7.

    The friends that often use computer should have feeling somewhat, sometimes blue screen appear when computer boot up, I believe you had encountered this issue. Me too. When computer boot up, it sometimes shows blue screen code 0x00000050 phenomenon. How to deal with this situation? Now summary up the specific contents to everyone how to solve the problem of blue screen code 0x00000050 phenomenon. in fact, as long as the cause, the right remedy, the problem can be easily solved!


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    I believe everyone has encountered computer boot up with blue screen phenomenon. Me too, Some time ago, Computer boot appear blue screen code 0x00000050 phenomenon, And then I find relevant solutions from the Internet , now I summary up to tell everyone the specific content of to appear how to solve the blue screen code 0x00000050. First, a partial analysis of the computer.

    Failure analysis:

    The most likely cause of blue screen code 0x00000050 is a failure of computer memory, including physical memory. Secondary cache and video card memory. Of course, there are other reasons such as software incompatibility, and the reason of a virus broke NTFS volume. So we need to find out the reasons then solve them. General anomaly, press F8 key when boot, enter the selection menu, enter the safe mode to unload the problematic driver, delete, switch the problem system files.

    Blue screen computer diagram stop 0x00000050 server 2008:

    1. Virus causes file system damage

    2. File damage of the system itself

    3.Bugs in the Windows system (e.g. no specific patch installed)

    4.hardware failure (such as: memory, motherboard, hard disk physical bad track, etc.)


    1, understand the cause of the failure, process replacement exclusion method to every hardware in the computer first. This tests to see if there is a hardware failure. If any hardware failure is detected, then replace or repair hardware will be OK . Of course, generally this blue screen phenomenon is occur by the hardware failure in many cases. Change another hard disk to try whether the machine can normally start first. If it is no problem in hard disk test, try memory test, and memory test as well, then change CPU, in short, this must be the most likely possibility of hardware failure.

    Computer blue screen code 0x00000050 windows xp

    2, of course, if the memory failure, especially detect exclude to the memory in pertinence

    For some system diagnostic software. System diagnostic software, such as 360 system diagnostic

How to fix error code 0x00000050 in windows 10 7 8

  • 1 Choose recover mode undeleted ,formatted,lost partition or other for files
  • 2 Select the device where the missing file is located. If it is an external device, please connect the external device. if you are using a mobile phone, please debug to the developer mode and click the Next button.
  • 3 Check the type of file to be restored
  • 4 Select the storage location for the restored files and click the button
  • 5 Click the "startrecover" button to start recovering the lost files
  • 6 AVI file recovery is complete, You can find the lost file in the saved directory location
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