NEF file recovery software fast recover deleted NEF video files from memory card

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How to recover deleted NEF video files from memory card or sd card on Nikon camera or hard disk, USB flash drive, external storage device on your windows computer

Since NEF files are usually stored on memory cards, it’s not uncommon for people to accidentally lose or delete their images.If you have also lost your Nikon RAW files in NEF format due to corruption, and looking for ways to get back correct photos, here we bring in the best methods to repair corrupt RAW Nikon NEF files.With Bplan data recovery software you will be able to recover NEF files from your SD card, hard disk, USB flash drive, external storage device, and more with just a few clicks.

How to recover lost NEF files with a simple way
Step 1.Head over to the official website and look for a download link.
Step 2.Click on the download link, install the software, and run it from the Start menu.

Step recovery mode

Step 4. Choose the NEF files location
Select a location where your Word files lost, choose a hard drive or a specific folder. If it's from USB drive or SD card, take one more step to connect it to your computer.

Step 5. scanning all lost data on the selected drive

Step 6. Select lost NEF files and recover


How to recover deleted NEF video files from hard disk, USB flash drive on your windows 10

 After restarting , the computer will automatically reinstall the usb driver . After that , we will insert it to move the hard disk , and then we can perform normal reading . Due to the internal structure of the hard disk or very precise , it does not mean that we can restore the value by using some software without charge . Especially the hard disk that has been formatted , we have carried out the partition disposal , it is really 'worry ' , It is not something we can solve . At this moment , we must find a professional company to deal with . The hard disk must be disassembled to know how the value of the hard disk reaches the end point , and then we can select the appropriate solution to restore . When the material that cannot be read by the mobile hard disk is revealed , the inaccuracy of the insertion and removal method is also a possible factor .

The accurate method of plugging and unplugging will be better to determine , which is definitely the basis for the benefit of the call . If it is better to deal with the solution , natural is the basis for getting better quality , . So we need to do more care and attention . After all , the accurate method to plug in and out can prevent the appearance of no way to distinguish and can not read the essence of the inside . Material situation . Try to prevent or prevent unclear repair files , just delete the inaccuracy , you can use the file restores / restored software to retrieve , but assume that the file loss caused by other material situations , especially the virus and hard disk damage , it is not the same software can retrieve the file Everyone should use it carefully so as not to cause more serious problems . The numerical assumption is more important , and it is also possible to disassemble the hard disk directly into a formal mechanism for disposal , so that it is easier to retrieve the value . Suppose I haven't thought of where the previous files were placed .

I am familiar with how the files are deleted . After that , everyone can also drag them directly from the recycle bin and go to the desktop . In this way , we will carry out a secondary save work , and directly put it in the folder we originally needed , there will be no other problems . Every single person has experienced the problem of completely cleaning up the number of enumerated points according to accidental deletion or loss . Although our current computers are very stable , they are not exactly the same . There is no problem at all . It is normal to show some messy symbols , etc , and you don't need to worry about it . As long as you find the right recovery software , you don't have any problem if you want to restore the file . Many friends may or may want to be able to find a professional to serve as a job to help them to restore , then how much to restore the value of the end point ? Suppose we don't have a partner , can we help us restore the value ? The reason why it is more expensive , but also to choose the professional bitlocker value restoration center , is because of this exclusive 'package repair period ' service for customers , no doubt can effectively improve their hard disk repair time , let It is also more cost-effective when you use it .

Now all kinds of computer repair sites commissioned by official power are very popular . For example , Hefei Dell computer repairs / repaired point is now a favorite of many Dell computer users . Because of this maintenance site , everyone can feel stable . The equipment will be handed over to the other party of / to maintenance . Moreover , there is no need to worry about the maintenance experience . Because once the site is not repaired , they will be sent back directly to the manufacturer for repair , so the whole problem can be solved without worrying . Whether your own air conditioner will be repaired is very bad , broken , and so on . Under normal material conditions , if an U.S.B flash drive is inserted into the computer , it will reveal all kinds of relevant pages of the U.S.B flash drive , and if other prompts are revealed , it basically represents such a material situation . Not normal , for example , assuming that the U disk is inserted , prompting you to format the U disk , then it definitely represents an abnormal material situation .

How to recover lost NEF video files from memory card or sd card on Nikon camera on your windows 8
Nanjing numerical restoration is very pragmatic . No matter what scale it has developed , the technical pursuit of numerical restoration and hard disk maintenance has never been relaxed . The restoration center invites professional technical experts every year to take up positions in maintenance . Many people in the business carry out more in-depth training and promotion , and ensure that the maintenance technology can be at the most advanced level in the world . There is also a kind of u disk file restoration must have the skill , that is , you can find a software that has the file restore function , install it on your own computer , and then connect the U disk to perform the corresponding operation . You can successfully retrieve the values ''inside , it is very convenient , but to say which kind of software now has some , give you some simple recommendations . Because of the well-known reasons : the hard drive is always bad ! But , in fact , hard drive data recovery is so difficult , , Let's take a look ! Now you can download the recovery value or a lot of methods . You can also search the Internet for a while , but there is no charge to the end point or there are certain factors that are not stable .

There are also some inner meanings that may not be well handled . Loss of documents can be affected by many factors , and everyone should pay special attention to disposal . Assuming that the software is used or that the value cannot be retrieved , it is possible to help us with a more professional person that is responsible for the job . Usually , we will definitely clean up our own mobile hard disk on a regular basis . After all , the space inside is limited . If you really want to integrate the mobile hard disk , it is ok to format it directly . However , many friends may find that after formatting , some files should not be deleted directly . Suppose that at this moment , everyone wants to know the method of numerical restoration after the format of the mobile hard disk , and certainly must rely on certain software . Which software is more worthy of our selection of the end ?

In order to provide customers with the best hard disk repair service , the repair center has now erected a professional return visit guideline . Every user who has previously repaired the hard disk on / to this place will receive regular telephone calls back . The electrical equipment is now closed to the use of the material situation , as well as the customer's satisfaction with the maintenance service , special investigation and record , more convenient for the maintenance of the role of the person to make adjustments according to customer feedback , so everyone may I found that I received a hotline for repairs . Don't worry , this is a return visit .

 Hard disk numerical value recovery is easy but it is also very easy . For example , if you assume that you have the habit of doing backup , there is backup files on the hard disk , even if the hard disk is wrong , or you delete the important data by mistake , you only need to pass Back up and restore , you can easily retrieve these pieces of information back . Some software operations on the network are also very easy , and can directly help us to integrate some files in the hard disk , even if there are damaged values , don't worry . In fact , most hard drives can't be read as small problems . Some unpaid software on the network can help us deal with faults . We don't need too much worry . However , our U disk values / valued can only be used to restore the inner meaning of the last deletion .

How to recover formatted NEF video files from external storage device on your digital camera card
 It is assumed that it has been formatted for a long time , although it can be tried to use such software to restore it , but the effect will definitely not be particularly good . At some point , after the computer's hard disk is damaged , it will show that the hard disk value has disappeared without any reason . These are all bad sectors due to the hard disk . It is obvious that hard disk bad sectors are related to hard handle methods and maintenance methods . If they are over-utilized , there may be very big problems in terms of safety , . So it is important to make good decisions . In fact , as long as we have found a professional Shanghai hard disk numerical value reduction company , the other party will inform us in advance . However , it is possible to check our hard disk , make an appointment of / with the door-to-door service , or directly hold the hard disk to the other company , so that the cause of the failure can be determined before the quotation can be given . Large companies will have a clear and carefully registered registration form . Everyone will determine the essential meaning and charges within the project , and then cooperate with them .

Assuming that the above material situation is not , then basically the U disk hardware error , that is to say it is broken , to say how to repair such a u disk prompt format , basically there is no way , you can go to professional maintenance Look at the store . Hard disk opening must be guaranteed to be a dust-free environment , and there is no possibility of opening the disk on / to home . Assuming that dust will cause more serious faults , there is no way to retrieve the value of the hard disk . And the magnet in the hard disk does not attract a gravitational force . It is assumed that there is no operation experience , and there is no way to complete the restoration work of the opening . After all , we usually use a computer or pay attention to it . If we really delete some files inaccurately , we can directly use such basic software to restore files , and there is no need to spend any money . The same kind of software is not free to restore , basically simple operation can restore the loss of the files we lost . In fact , the raid that we usually say is the disk array .

It is true that we usually need more storage devices , but if we buy large equipment directly , the price is higher . But relatively speaking , RAID can be directly combined by a number of cheap disks , . So it is more convenient to use , and can also be partitioned according to their own needs . However , this type of array also has its advantages and shortcomings . , Let's take a closer look at it . I believe everyone knows that the files in our computer are deleted . After that , the files will actually be revealed in the recycle bin . If we lose any files , or delete the inaccurate files , we can Retrieve directly through the recycle bin . However , the value of the U.S.B flash drive is really not very easy to retrieve . After all , there is no recycle bin in the U.S.B flash drive , and there are more fragments in our U.S.B flash drive . It is possible that everyone is more worried .

How to recover deleted NEF video files from USB flash drive, SSD,external storage device on your windows  OS
There are indeed some U.S.B flash drive value recovery software . It is very convenient to look at such software . But can software such as the end point be able to recover the files ? What are the requirements for attention when repairing the hard disk ? In the same way , everyone assumes that their hard drive is broken , and they are often anxious to have six gods . Because it can be said that any part of a computer can be replaced at will , but the hard disk can not be used , once the hard disk is changed , then the original Some values ''are also swept away , so for many people , assuming that the hard drive is broken , the most important thing is actually the repair and export of the values . In this respect , there are mainly several such commonly used ones . solution With the increasingly fierce market competition in the production of hard disk , we can also see that in terms of mobile hard disk repair , each brand is also very careful about the after-sales service of its products . They are very perfect . Once the hard disk that everyone uses reveals the problem of failure , if it is during the repair period , it only needs to be handed over to the official for repair . It is not necessary to worry about other problems . It is very little work .